Specialty Fat Manufacturing Plants

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Specialty oils are derived from sources, such as palm, coconuts, soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, and other sources such as peanut and olive oil. These oils have unique properties that are desirable in industrial and non-edible applications.

Normally Specialty fats are divided into two major categories.

Bakery Shortening and Margarine Fats

The term SHORTENING means the shortening of gluten linkage as oily materials de-link the glutens while baking. In general a good bakery shortening fat must possess smoothness, spreadability, plasticity and lubricity .

The solid fats — triacylglycerols, better known as triglycerides — form a crystalline matrix that holds the liquid oils within it, giving the characteristic creamy texture. 

In baked foods, shortenings impart softness to the crumb structure, provide lubricity to doughs, aid in aeration, stabilize batters and creams by emulsification, improve overall palatability of finished products and extend keeping quality.

Confectionary and ice cream fats

To define a fat or oil as Confectionary fat or Ice cream fat it must possess the following criteria 

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